Guru-Sishya Parampara

When I saw these recent pictures of HH Balaperiyava, the similarities with Mahaperiyava immediately struck my mind with those relevant pictues – couldn’t resist posting :-) Thanks to Sri Matam & Sri Guruvayurappan for the photos…. Vandhe Guru Paramparam!!  

Thiruvidaimarudhur Ther!!!

Thanks to Sri Kumar of Vignesh Studios for attending the event and sending high-quality photos for our viewing pleasure. Thiruvidaimarudhur Ther project has been going on for the past few years and finally it concluded and all 5 of them… Read More ›

Lalitha Trisati

Thanks to Sri Shiva for sending this great divine picture of Lalitha made of trisati….If you zoom in, you will see her trisati… Hats off to the  creator of this drawing..Must be really blessed to think of something like this……


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