Orikkai Photo Feed …..

Thanks to Sri Ambi for posting these in Whatsapp groups…. Amazing alankarams and a great sight of vaidheekas chanting Sri Rudram in Orikkai Mani Mandapam. First photo is ambal alankaram on a horse!!! Periyava with Veenai is a delight to… Read More ›

Pradosham photos from adishtanam

Thanks Vignesh Studio for the feed….The creativity in alankaram is reaching new heights….I am so excited to see what the plans are for Jayanthi!!!! Please check this link and be part of your adishtana kainkaryam for jayanthi…..Only few days left!!!!… Read More ›

Today is Avatara Day of Sri Ramanujar

Today is Sri Ramanujar’s avatara day. Our namaskarams to this mahan…..Sri BN mama did this oil painting in 2000 and shared with us. What an amazing work! Perfectly done – completely flawless…. Thanks mama for the share….

Periyava drawing collections from Sudhan

Although Sudhan has been sending me these drawings regularly, I was unable to post them in the same frequency he sends…Hence, here are his collections – all in one shot…. Thanks Sudhan for the wonderful drawing…Tatroopam….


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