Sankara Jayanthi Resolutions!


Sri Adi Sankara Jayanthi is coming up in few days – May 11th. Let us pray to our Adi Acharya to bless us for spiritual progression. I am writing this post in preparation for Acharya Jayanthi…

Can we all take two resolutions on this auspicious day?


(1) Having Adi Sankarar photo in our puja rooms – no matter how small or big it is

(2) Reading Adi Sankara Charitham daily.

Why suddenly?

Answer is – Why not?!

We taking so many resolutions – losing weight, doing some walking in the morning, avoiding fatty food – all that….Why can’t we do something like this too???

We call ourselves as followers of Sanatana Dharma principles. Without Adi Sankara there is no sanatana religion/dharma.

For Adi Sankara photo, I am sure you can find good resolution image onine or even here at the blog…Print, frame and add to your puja room.

Second for the Sankara Charitham – how many of us really know Sankara Charitham fully?! We may know some incidents – bits and pieces but not sure how many of us remember as much as we remember Ramayanam etc. I think as Periyava devotees, we all must read and know about our Adi Acharya – no question.

There are several texts available. Don’t get caught up with Acharya’s birthdate controversy. That is not something we need to worry at this point. We have quite some grounds to cover as foundation!

For all Tamil readers – Mahaperiyava had spoken almost in one full volume of Dheivathin Kural (Volume 5) under the topic Sankara Charitham. Here is the link –ஐந்தாம்-பகுதி/. Read at least a page daily. With the power of internet, all these great materials are at our fingertip. Nothing should stop us from doing this.

For non-Tamil readers – Sri BN Mama had done a wonderful job in translating Sr Ra Ganapathi anna’s book to English – we are publishing each part in this blog regularly. Look for the word “Sankara Charitham” in the tag cloud…

Can we all do these?!


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14 replies

  1. Yes we must ensure that our houses are adorned with photo of Adi Sankara. Kindly let me know whether English version of Sankara Charitham is available or in Telugu for the benefit of Telugu devotees, let me know the source of availability so that we can purchase and have the benefit of parayan daily.

  2. If Sri Adi.Shankaracharya’s life history could not be read daily, we may also take a resolution to chant any iof the grant as or stuthis like Kanakadhara Stotram on.a daily basis compulsorily in addition to our Nitya Parayanam.

  3. great resolution Maheshji I am for it.

  4. am in for the resolution.

  5. Very apt! I will do both, reading one page& keeping a picture of Adi Sankaracharya

  6. Thanks Mahesh. In this context i would like to mention about Sri Anantharama Dikshitar’s excellent Upanyasam on the life of Sri Adi Sankarar. This is available in Giri Trading Agency in Chennai.

  7. 3 May 2016

    Those of us who claim to be devotees of Sri Mahaaperiyavaa will have to accept his ruling regarding The Adhi Guru’s birth date. He has written extensively on the subject in his Deivaththin Kural borrowing copiously from the book by Sri Narayana Sastri. [The Age of Sankara]. I have it in pdf format. Anyone who is interested can email me. I can send it as an enclosure.

    Readers/Devotees can visit the following link to have first hand info on this: They can cut and paste the link into their browser if it doesn’t open.

    Namaskaram to the Aacharya Peetam of Kanchi.
    Namaskaram to the ruling Aacharyas of Kanchi
    Namaskaram to our Sri Mahaaperiyavaa

  8. The comments section at the bottom of
    is also very enlightening. Devotees must go through that also!

  9. Dear Mahesh , Many thanks for your inputs and I will do my best to sincerely follow the same . BTW I also suggest chanting of the Ashtottaram of Sri Adi Shankara and Totakashtakam before we start the study of Sri Shankara Charitram . Jai Jai Shankara Hara Hara Shankara .

  10. Yes apart from reading sankara charitha, we must also chant his sloka.

  11. OK Mahesh. Will do it.

  12. Excellent initiation Mahesh Sir. Thanks so much for this!

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