Why am I here?

A beautiful painting by Shri BN Mama and a fantastic translation of an incident of Periyava……Thanks mama for both! You always delight with us double treat !!! Many  of  you  eulogize  me  saying  that  there  is  nothing  that  I  don’t … Read More ›

Rare photo of Periyava

Thanks to Shivaramanji for sending this photo…Look at Periyava! He is sitting there like Parameswaran Himself – with such a glow around Him! I am just amazed at the rudraksha malas He is wearing!!! Blessed are those who have witnessed… Read More ›

Annabishekam Special Drawing by BN Mama

Thanks to mama for sharing this simple yet sharp drawing. We all could see the intensity/concentration in His face clearly!! Got this on Pradosham and sharing it on Annabishekam day! Om Nama Shivaya! நமஸ்தே அஸ்து பகவன் விச்வேச்வராய மஹாதேவாய த்ரயம்பகாய த்ரிபுராந்தகாய… Read More ›


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