Happy Anusham!

Shri Sriram sent me this wonderful photo of the alankaram made by him at Eachangudi Atirudram recently. What a wonderful alankaram??? I really like the viboothi on His hands – I am going to try that tomorrow with my Periyava!!… Read More ›

Pravina’s drawing….

Thanks to Smt Sunitha Madhavan for sharing this special painting. This sketch was done by her daughter Pravina in 1989 and was shown to Him At Kanchi Matam. Periyava held the painting in His hands! Sri Madhavan family is truly… Read More ›

Rare cover photo from 1973 Kalki

Thanks to Shri Venkata Subramaniam for sending me this photo and also amazing old treasures from Illustrated Weekly of 1963 – beautiful interview by Shri A.S.Raman – with rare photographs. I will share them tomorrow….

Somavara Pradosham special from Shri BN Mama….

An outstanding pencil sketch (Periyava smiles so beautifully) and a poem too…. Thanks mama! Om Nama Sivaya! அன்றே  சொன்னார்  திருமூலர் அதனையும் ஓர்  முறை  செப்பிடுவேன். “தெளிவு  குருவின் திருமேனி  காண்டல்; தெளிவு  குருவின்  திருவார்த்தை  கேட்டல்; தெளிவு  குருவின்  திருநாமம்  செப்பல்; தெளிவு  குரு  உரு  சிந்தித்தல் … Read More ›

Vibhoothi Painting

I really wonder what is the limit of Umesh’s creativity when it comes to Periyava drawing! Drawing after drawing, he has creativity – simply unparalleled..Amazing work!!! For the first time, I had a great opportunity to talk to Umesh couple… Read More ›

Ah, those penetrating eyes!

Umesh sent us all a wonderful painting of Periyava….Thanks Umesh – it looks absolutely great…Eyes – that penetrates through us, that wipes out all our worries and paapas, those will provide the comfort that we ask for!! Avan arulale avan… Read More ›

Shiva Deekshai

அரிது அரிது மானிடராய் பிறத்தல் அரிது அதிலும் அரிது சிவபக்தனாய் பிறத்தல் அரிது அதிலும் அரிது நித்தம் அவன்மேனி தீண்டல் Like Vaariyar swamigal says, one who had accumulated punyas in 1000s of our janmas only can worship Lord Subrahmanya and Parameswaran. Our puranas and agamas keep Sivacharyars at a… Read More ›

Our new PM

Saw this FB but forgot to post. I got this an email from a friend who observed how humble our PM is by removing the shoes while sitting with spiritual leaders and mahans….It is time that we get a PM… Read More ›

Superb picture

May be a repeat …I like this a lot….Able to see Periyava up & close!! Good photo for artists in the forum to try!!! (Umesh – hint, hint!!!!)


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